There's a really intriguing extreme death metal material coming out shortly by Arise From Worms. The death metal supergroup forged by guitar virtuoso Sonny Lombardozzi is ready to blow you away with their debut EP. More to come this year, so read my chat with Sonny and enter the realm of the worms!!!

Hi Sonny!!! In the summer of 2021 you've formed a new band called Arise From Worms. It consists of elite death metal musicians like Flo Mounier from Cryptopsy on drums, Steve Tucker from Morbid Angel on vocals and Dallas Toler-Wade from Narcotic Wasteland/ex-Nile (guest vocals and solos). Does it meant to be a project from start or you have plans to play live with this killer line-up? By the way, how did you hook up with these musicians?
- The project idea started in 2019 on the Morbid Angel tour. Steve Tucker and myself started talking about doing a few songs. Steve suggested Flo to do drums and I would record all the guitar and bass tracks. Chuck Sherwood did some lyrics. Dallas and Mark Smith did guest vocals on "Living Sacrifice" and Dallas did a guest guitar solo on the single "Axes of the Voivode II". There are plans to do a tour for the project.
"Axes of the Voivode II" is the first single out of the forthcoming EP, which is a super technical death metal shred full of insane solos. How many tracks will be on the EP and when do you planning to release it? What the lyrical topics are about?
- The four song EP will be released on January 14th, 2022. It will be available on Blood Blast Distribution and Metal Bastard Enterprises: digital, vinyl and CDs. Lyrics are based about real life history. "Axes of the Voivode II" is written about Vlad the Impaler, 15th century. I am always fascinated by the real history of the world.
The EP was mixed by Christian Donaldson (Cryptopsy, Mythosis) at The Grid and needless to say the sound production of the single speaks for itself. Anyway, was it a conscious choice from your side to mix the material with Christian or it was mostly due to Flo who recorded his drum parts there?
- At first we were going to go with Eric Rutan. Flo was doing his drums with Christian Donaldson. So I listened to his mixes and thought it was exactly what I was looking for.
If I am right, Blood Blast Distribution will be going to issue the EP. What should we know about this label and your alliance with them? They are focused on digital distribution, so will the EP be pressed onto some physical formats as well?
- Yes, Blood Blast Distribution will be the digital and Metal Bastard Enterprises that handles all the hard copies. Of course, Amazon, iTunes and Spotify.
The music of Arise From Worms is pretty much inspired by the old classics of death metal as well as the classical music in general. How do you see it? What has been influential on you from the moment you've started to play the guitar?
- I listen to a lot of different styles of music. Some old school death metal. I am really into tech bands and classical music. Just recorded what I felt, didn't think too much of a genre. I was going for the sounds: Ultra-Phrygian, jazz melodic minor, Ultra scales, Bitonal arpeggios c/c-, Dominant 7 Flat 5 and ninth type sounds. The movie Crossroads really got me going with Steve Vai to pursue classical music.
Let's talk a little bit about your guitars and gear. How many guitars you own actually? Would you be so kind to pick your favorite ones and tell the readers why they're special to you? What tuning you use for Arise From Worms? What kind of gear (amps, cabinets, effect pedals, strings, etc.) you use for the live rituals, in the studio and at your rehearsal place?
- About ten guitars are now. Halo guitars and a few USA early B.C. Richs and Kramers. I would say my prototype signature Artemisia is my fav. The body has a mass of tone to it. Standard 440 Hz tuning, 10 gauge strings. I use an AMM-5150 6505 with electro-harmonix tubes for amps, no panels, no effect use at all.
Through the years you have earned quite a lot of endorsements. Which ones are you most proud of? And what companies you've got the best ties with?
- I would say I am proud of all of them. I only work with gear. I believe I am not an endorsement jumper. I have been mostly with the companies for 10 years now.
You've been a part of the Incantation family for a few years. Why did you leave them? "Sect of Vile Divinities" (2020) was your last work with them. Please share your thoughts and memories about that release.
- I was fired!!! Some bullshit crap. I worked my ass off on that album. I did most of the guitar recording. I was very disappointed with the outcome. How much shit was deleted, it was very water down to me. Never heard a mix or anything. I had lyric ideas for the album, art ideas, but nothing ever got addressed.
Besides the band and playing music, what things do you like to do the most, what makes you happy?
- Besides music I do Martial Arts to stay balanced in life. 90 percent is in the studio recording. Arise stuff or orchestration.
Please finish the interview by revealing all your plans for 2022.
- 2022 Arise is already recording the full length. Flo goes back into the studio in February. The tracks then go to Tucker as he records his vocals. I'll be working on the bass. It's coming along extremely well. We are getting a lot of offers for festivals and tours. Hope to see you soon. Shred on. Sonny

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